Why Technology is Really Not Very Sexy

I came across an article a couple of weeks ago online, which stayed fresh in my mind…………………..

No, not this one unfortunately.

The article stated the following:

“That the lack of commercial success for the Linux Operating System in the home computer market was not down to missing functionality, command lines or software politics. But this lacks of success is argued to be down to the large amount of momentum behind its competitors, especially Microsoft. Linux is seen as being difficult to use, and having a difficult history.

Another reason for Linux’s failure has been argued to be the lack of centralised marketing. Linux is in fact a trademark of its creator. However this does not mean new brands could not be made. There are various different distributions (Red Hat and Ubuntu are two examples) available to download and install.”

It’s often a good idea to look in other areas in business, where an organisation in a similar situation has coped well with their own similar circumstances.

This brings me to………..

Firefox, the very internet browser I use for the most part.

Firefox is in fact an offshoot of the Mozilla Foundation. I’d propose that if an element in the Linux community wanted to create a paid-for distribution of Linux, in a more traditional way, than they should definitely consider using a similar model to Firefox.

However there is an inner flaw with the argument in the article I read, and my own thoughts. Especially regarding centralised marketing as a fix for the problem. Commercial success requires the business to want to achieve commercial success, and make it a key goal. Thus, it is not possible to create a revolution, when there are no participants to revolt.

Another key area of consideration here; is the consumer. The consumer doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong with the way their computer currently does what it does. In majority of cases they are also not aware of reasons why they should change their computer operating system.

Aspects of Linux such as stability are just not viewed as cool, sexy or even hot. Which brings me on to these chaps……

Yep, the famous 34 year old bitten Apple. They have managed to launch products which have strong and attractive design. This is one of the reasons their products sell well. Their advertising is sleek to go with the theme of their devices.

That was a Windows 7 “7 Seconds” Advert. The advertising campaign showcased what their operating system does without mention of stability, security or performance. This shows how much the average home consumer cares about these aspects of an operating system… Not much really.

To conclude, it is unlikely that Linux, will in the near future be a mainstream operating system to rival Microsoft and Apple. However, that is not to say that they can’t do it. They can.

Hope you have enjoyed my first post, I will throw some variety into my blog. Hope you give it another visit.

— Dimitri —


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