The Curious Case of a Lack in Aspiration

This post takes a detour from what I usually post, in that I talk about something that I witnessed on the television recently.

Yep That’s right recently I witnessed the horror, that is MTV’s Teen Cribs

Seeing this, it made me wander what is happening to television. Let me set the scene….

You are “lucky” to be taken around by a smug young teenager around their house, where they proceed to show off all the things that they have, while always stating these things (including the house itself) as being there own, as though they actually earned it somehow.

Below is a teaser for the show, which isn’t quite as atrocious as the show itself, but is not too far off.

I am sure the justification for this show would be that it is supposed to be somehow aspirational. But I can’t help but notice that it is something which is capable of making many people feel inadequate, or as though they are missing out. This only serves to help create a society, which find it hard to be happy with what they have.

This show reminds in some ways of the “My Super Sweet 16” television series that MTV ran. Although that one to me seemed to have more of a commentary on the world of the rich spoiled brat 16 year olds; who are not happy if their parents buy them a Mercedes, because they wanted a Ferrari.

As mentioned earlier it is possible to assume that the creators of Teen Cribs meant it to be aspirational, but the reality….. The fact that the teen lives in a house, which their family owns and lives in.

One can hardly aspire to be born into a very wealthy family. So, that argument is not very valid.

This post was different to my usual, however I hope it was interesting to you.



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